Awards should never be the ultimate goal of one’s work. If they are, you need to re-examine your reasons for working as a journalist. But awards are certainly gratifying when they confirm that someone else sees the value that you’ve always believed was there. Yet oddly sometimes the work I think is the best is not the work that’s recognized by the judges. But every once in a while it all comes together and the work you are proud of is the work that’s acknowledged as among the best. I’ve been fortunate on a number of occasions, winning 5 RTNDA awards for investigative journalism, being nominated on three occasions (winning once) for the CAJ Award for investigative journalism and being part of 6 Gemini nominations (with two wins.) But perhaps my most gratifying moment came as a result of a series of investigations on police accountability (see one instalment on this page.) I received a citation of merit from Canada’s Governor General, Michaelle Jean.