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Being the first to broadcast a story is always exciting. But being the first on the ground at a news event doesn’t always mean you nailed it. Sometimes it just means you were just part of the pack that chased the obvious story. Case in point--the earthquake that devestated Haiti in 2010.  National News were on the ground the same day the earthquake struck.  They were all feeding much the same images and interviews about the horror of the disastor.  I went in with a documentary team two days after the quake hit.  But we went in with a different agenda.  We followed a Canadian doctor who had spent his life working for the poor in Haiti.  He went back to see what had happened to the hospital he'd built.  But he also went back to find his children who were living in Port Au Prince.  The journey we took with our doctor was compelling and unqiue.  We turned the 30 minute documentary around in under a week and showed something very special to the Canadian public.

On site at the hospital that Dr. John Yates built in Port Au Prince.  Being in Haiti was like being in a war zone.  Everywhere you looked there was horror and destruction.  And yet amidst this chaos there were some tender moments.