Documentary Projects

I have been exceptionally lucky to be able to work on several documentary projects throughout my career.  I've worked on a considerable number of television hour long shows for current affairs shows, but only half a dozen true documentaries.  Over the past few years I've been fortunate enough to be commissioned by the CBC Documentary Unit to Direct and Write a couple of hour long documentaries:  the first on the drug fentanyl and the damage it was visiting upon Canadians.  The second, an investigation into the events surrounding the death of Sharkwater director Rob Stewart.  Both were dream projects.  I got to work with the best people in Canada.  Working on my next project now--an investigation into Havana Syndrome.  

One other documentary of note that I had the chance to work on was a piece for The Nature of Things called "The Beaver Whisperers."  Diretor Jari Osborne brought me in for several jobs including script editor and digital producer.  A memorable experience.