Documentary Projects

I have been exceptionally lucky to be able to work on several documentary projects throughout my career.  I've worked on a considerable number of television hour long shows for current affairs shows, but only half a dozen true documentaries.  This past year I was commissioned by the CBC Documentary Unit to Direct and Write an hour long story on the drug fentanyl and the damage it was visiting upon Canadians.  It was a dream project:  I assembled the people I most wanted to work with and set out on a year long adventure.  The final project was broadcast in December of 2016.  

One other documentary of note that I had the chance to work on was a piece for The Nature of Things called "The Beaver Whisperers."  Diretor Jari Osborne brought me in for several jobs including script editor and digital producer.  A memorable experience.

I'm currently working on development with a couple of documentary projects.  With a little luck, look for additional elements on this page in early 2018.